6 - Alcoa Level One 22.5" x 8.25" Semi Wheels For Dually Trucks

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 6 - Alcoa Level One Semi Wheels 22.5" x 8.25" Dually Wheels 

⦁ 6- Aluminum Hub-Piloted Wheel 

⦁ Fits 22.5″ x 8.25″ Wheels

⦁ Uses Two-Piece Flange Nuts

⦁ 7400 LB. Load Rating

⦁ Meets The ISO 9001 Quality Standards

⦁ Requires Little Maintenance So You Can Save Time & Money

⦁ Center Bore: 219.96mm

⦁ Bolt Pattern: 10″ x 285.75mm

⦁ Bolt Hole: 1.05″

⦁ Max Inflation: 130 PSI

⦁ Quality Made Product

Pick Up Truck Dually Kit Includes:

⦁ 2 Alcoa Level One Fronts

⦁ 2 Alcoa Level One Rears

⦁ 2 Alcoa level One  Inners

Also Available In The Highest Quality Powder Coat. Wheels Are Bead Blasted To Ensure Adhesion. . The wheel meets the ISO 9001 quality standards and is five times stronger than steel wheels

* Please Note: Our Packages Do Not Include Hub/Lug Covers, Adapters and Tires

 Check Out Our Accessories Page

Need A Set Of Adapters? ( Check Out Our Adapter Page ) We sell a high-grade Adapter made from 1045 steel. Need Tires? No problem Call 330 204 5818


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