Transform your vehicle’s look and performance with the Alcoa LVL One 22″ Milled Wheels, now enhanced with a durable powder coat finish. These wheels are expertly engineered by reducing the original 22.5-inch size to a precise 22 inches, offering a unique combination of style and functionality for discerning drivers.

Outstanding Features:

  • Superior Construction: Utilizing top-tier materials, the Alcoa LVL One wheels are built to endure, providing unmatched strength and longevity.
  • Elegant and Protective Finish: The wheels showcase a polished surface for an impeccable look, complemented by a powder coat that guards against wear, tear, and environmental elements.
  • Customized Size for Optimal Performance: Originally 22.5 inches, these wheels have been expertly milled down to 22 inches, ensuring a balanced and responsive driving experience.
  • Adaptability: Compatible with a diverse range of vehicles, these wheels are the perfect upgrade for those seeking an exceptional combination of elegance and practicality.
  • Trusted Brand: Alcoa’s reputation for wheel innovation guarantees that each wheel is a product of meticulous craftsmanship and quality.

The Alcoa LVL One 22″ Milled Wheels are not just accessories; they are a statement. Designed for drivers who aspire to elevate their vehicle’s performance and aesthetics, these wheels stand at the intersection of innovation and sophistication.

Transform your journey with the Alcoa LVL One 22″ Milled Wheels – where durability meets design.