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What are Dually Wheels?

A pickup truck with dual wheels on the rear axle.

Sounds simple right?

But... Have you ever asked yourself why do some trucks have FOUR rear wheels??

The technical term is “dual rear wheel”, called dually or DRW for short.

DRW (or Dually Wheels) come down to greater stability and safety when towing.

With double the wheels, trucks can spread the weight of a payload more evenly (distribution) and have improved stability when towing heavier loads like animal trailers, campers and equipment or storage.

Double, Dually or DRW rear wheels have the added benefit that if one of your wheels has a blow out, you have a better chance of getting yourself and your load to your destination, safely.

Trucks with Dually wheels often have higher maintenance costs because of the extra tires and some states require you to register it as a commercial vehicle (even if you only use it for personal trips).


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